Definition of Saracenic in English:



  • See Saracen

    • ‘You walked into a courtyard lined with Saracenic arches rising from polyhedral capitals.’
    • ‘Val Pellice produces a speciality cheese, the origins of which stem from the early Middle Ages when occasional Saracenic groups ventured into the Alps.’
    • ‘The Crusaders destroyed the splendid library of Tripoli and reduced to ashes many of the glorious centres of Saracenic art and culture.’
    • ‘In Saracenic armies, bands composed of reeds and pipes of various sorts played during combat to encourage their own troops and to show that the line remained unbroken.’
    • ‘The real treat, though, is a series of shimmering blue-green plates embedded in the side, between the Cosmatesque mosaics: twelfth-century Saracenic ware, on which Arabic characters are clearly visible.’