Definition of saprotrophic in English:



  • See saprotroph

    • ‘Those illustrated in Fig.4 resemble simple cord-forming, saprotrophic basidomycetes, which are involved in lignin decomposition (L. Boddy, pers. comm. 2001; work in progress).’
    • ‘However, if no suitable photobiont is available, the mycobiont can survive in a loose association with other algae or behave as a saprotrophic fungus.’
    • ‘The disease shows two distinct stages: a biotrophic and a necrotrophic / saprotrophic phase.’
    • ‘Some saprotrophic and ectomycorrhizal fungi produce reproductive structures, preferably in slightly alkaline to neutral forest soil.’
    • ‘Although fungi are thought of as saprotrophic or parasitic, more than one third of the known fungi are involved in mutualistic symbioses.’