Definition of saponification in English:



  • See saponify

    • ‘SCO is an anionic surfactant obtained by saponification of triglycerides extracted from Cocus nucifera and is a compound widely used in the formulation of many cosmetic and hygiene products.’
    • ‘The salts of long-chain carboxylic, or ‘fatty’ acids, are one of the main ingredients of soap, and are formed in a process known as saponification.’
    • ‘Soap is a salt formed by a process called saponification - a chemical reaction between an alkali metal, like sodium, and fatty carboxylic acids.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago when I was writing about saponification and soap chemistry, I was reminded of a simple phenomenon that demonstrates closed-shell foam formation.’
    • ‘It is produced through a chemical reaction, known as saponification, between triglycerides and a base, such a sodium hydroxide.’