Definition of saola in English:



  • A small two-horned mammal discovered in Vietnam in 1992, with similarities to both antelopes and oxen.

    Pseudoryx nghetinhensis

    • ‘And only a few years ago, in 1994, biologists captured the first known saola, a large ox that inhabits the forests of northern Vietnam. while many of us have yet to learn about some of the strange animals that already exist.’
    • ‘And an unusual form of antelope, the saola, was found in Vietnam a few years ago.’
    • ‘Weighing in at about 220 pounds, the saola is the largest land-dwelling mammal introduced to science since the kouprey, or gray ox, was described in 1937.’
    • ‘They include the saola (a goat-sized animal with spearlike horns) and a mysterious antelope-like beast known in Cambodia as the khiting vor, of which scientists have seen only the horns.’
    • ‘Alongside the paws of at least four bears was the skull of a rare Vietnamese saola deer and from the deep freeze they recovered the body of a baby orangutan smuggled from Indonesia.’


1990s: a local name, literally ‘spindle horn’.