Definition of sant in English:



  • (in Hinduism and Sikhism) a saint.

    • ‘They pointed out that the sants and mahants had attended the dharam sammelan organised on the occasion of the yagna.’
    • ‘Thus, it honors the great rishis, gurus, sants and mahatmas as the greatest heroes of all.’
    • ‘Wherever we have this problem, we should improve it, through sant, satsang and shastra saints, religious gathering and scripture.’
    • ‘He said to me very candidly, I'm trying to translate that as close as I can, that before 1984 I thought he was a scoundrel, but after what happened in Blue Star I think now he's a sant.’
    • ‘As assorted sadhus and sants hogged the front pages of newspapers and prime time television, our elected Members of Parliament could not do any of their routine work.’


From Hindi santaḥ ‘venerable men’.