Definition of sansevieria in English:


(also sanseveria)


  • A plant of the genus Sansevieria in the agave family, especially (in gardening) mother-in-law's tongue.

    • ‘Surely, though the best name of all is given to sansevieria hyacinthoides, which grows in a green gaggle of twisted leaves, standing erect like snakes.’
    • ‘If the bathroom is cold for most of the day, choose sansevierias (mother-in-law's tongue) - which will also survive in a poorly lit bathroom - or Nepenthes alata, a carnivorous plant with unusual hanging red traps.’
    • ‘Species with leathery leaves such as agaves, aloes, echeverias and sanseverias are the obvious choice because they can tolerate extremes of heat, cold and drought.’
    • ‘I thought someone had placed some sort of fake plant in between some of the flowers, but upon further inspection I noticed that it was indeed part of my sansevieria.’
    • ‘These include cactus, succulents, sansevieria, also known as bowstring hemp, and yucca, none of which is suitable for bathrooms.’


Modern Latin, named after Raimondo di Sangro (1710–71), Prince of Sanseviero (now Sansevero), Italy.