Definition of sannyasi in English:


(also sanyasi, sannyasin)


  • A Hindu religious mendicant.

    • ‘Ordinarily, a traditional sannyasin would not have accepted them.’
    • ‘Its signification was only in terms of himself as sanyasi and guru, the sole dispenser of divine grace in an amorphous and inchoate Christianity connected to the revelation of the Vedas, and the fifth Veda known to himself.’
    • ‘By himself becoming a Hindu and a sannyasin, he has challenged the obnoxious caste system.’
    • ‘There are also sannyasi orders, such as the Nathas, that exist outside the Dasanami and akhara systems.’
    • ‘He had taken to life of sannyasin at this tender age of boyhood.’
    abstainer, recluse, hermit, solitary, anchorite, anchoress, desert saint, celibate, puritan, nun, monk
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Based on Sanskrit saṃnyāsin ‘laying aside, ascetic’, from saṃ ‘together’ + ni ‘down’ + as ‘throw’.