Definition of sanitizer in English:


(British sanitiser)


  • See sanitize

    • ‘The EPA classifies germicides as sporicides, general disinfectants, hospital disinfectants, detergents, sanitizers, and others.’
    • ‘To disinfect bathroom or kitchen surfaces, try Earth Power's EPA-registered herbal disinfectant or Seventh Generation sanitizers.’
    • ‘As for using hand sanitizers that do not require water, these products kill bacteria, but do not remove dirt as effectively as soap and water.’
    • ‘Seven days a week, at 4 p.m. an hour after shops close for the day, Freddy's force of 100 servers and cleaning service staff begins spraying the business area with sanitizer, before reloading the food carts which are stored at nearby depots.’
    • ‘Instead of trying to eliminate the bacteria by using hand sanitizer or acetaminophen, we should strengthen the body so that it can naturally kill the bacteria.’