Definition of sanitary engineer in English:

sanitary engineer


  • A person dealing with systems needed to maintain public health.

    • ‘Well, there are sanitary engineers looking at the sanitation problem.’
    • ‘The inaction might be attributed, in part, to the view of some sanitary engineers that industrial wastes, especially acids, had a germicidal effect and ought not be excluded from waterways.’
    • ‘One pressing professional need, particularly in developing countries, is for sanitary engineers who can design sewage systems not dependent on water, a trend already under way in some water-scarce countries.’
    • ‘Despite the sanitary engineer's top score on the civil service exam, the post was given the following March to none other than Charles, who scored eleventh in a field of thirteen.’
    • ‘In 1984, nurses ranked fifth among workers in all occupations who claimed workers' compensation for back injuries; only heavy laborers (eg, sanitary engineers, laborers, warehouse workers) ranked higher.’