Definition of Sango in English:



mass noun
  • 1A dialect of Ngbandi.

    • ‘Samarin considers the relationship between Sango and Ngbandi to be analogous to that of African Pidgin English, while Thomas (1981) is content to say that Sango and Ngbandi are similar enough to be considered dialects.’
    • ‘Another African language whose logophoric domain is limited to the predicate tèlè ‘say’ seems to be Sango.’
    • ‘The French colonists adopted Sango, both for communicating with the local population and for speaking among themselves.’
    • ‘Written material in Sango was first published by Protestants.’
    1. 1.1 A lingua franca developed from Sango and related dialects, one of the national languages of the Central African Republic.
      • ‘The forty ethnic groups of the CAR are unified by a single national language, Sango.’
      • ‘By 1910, Sango had become a stable lingua franca spread by soldiers and others serving the whites.’
      • ‘The next largest group is based on French, and a much smaller number based on non-European languages, such as Sango spoken in the Central African Republic.’
      • ‘Most Aka speak at least two other languages - either the Bantu or Oubanguian language of their village trading partners, and some Sango, the national language in the Central African Republic.’
      • ‘Sissoko, talking in the national language, Sango, to some of the pygmies, translates that it should take a couple of hours.’


  • Relating to Sango.

    • ‘In the lacustrine region of the Bight of Benin, the Fon-Gbe Tofinu group incorporated the Yoruba Sango cult - a cult that was central to political centralization, military strength, and royal power.’
    • ‘The Sango people were discussing the fines they would exact and interrupted Mann's reproaches with whoops of Kawo! Kawo! in honour of their orisa.’
    • ‘On 22 September, the ROK Navy towed the Sango submarine to the port of Tonghae.’


The name in Ngbandi.