Definition of sangam in English:



  • A confluence of rivers, especially that of the Ganges and Jumna at Allahabad.

    • ‘‘The sangam of the three rivers is giving one message,’ he said.’
    • ‘The conflict is between two streams of thought, one saying the media should be prohibited from covering scenes of mass bathing at the sangam, the other saying the media has the right to cover them, like it has the right to cover other events.’
    • ‘After one such sangam, at Sonprayag, we turned a corner and saw a shepherd boy approaching us, driving his flock.’
    • ‘God is punishing India for allowing that Christian fundamentalist to take a half-hearted dip at the sangam at Prayag during the Kumbha Mela.’
    confluence, convergence, meeting, meeting point, conflux, juncture, watersmeet
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From Sanskrit saṃgama.