Definition of sanely in English:



  • See sane

    • ‘When he was writing at the beginning of the last century, such a word was ‘utopian’: ‘The mere utterance of it could damn any scheme, no matter how sanely conceived, of economic amelioration or regeneration’.’
    • ‘Regardless of which university we happen to be attending, one inevitably considers some variety of the question of how to live sanely in a difficult time.’
    • ‘Divorce laws were passed to stop unhappiness continuing in homes for longer than necessary and to help couples undo what they could no longer sanely do.’
    • ‘In the long run, you can't sanely compete with the open-source mentality.’
    • ‘No one could sanely oppose the purchase of up-to-date equipment; but many of our military challenges require a response from an army with substantial manpower.’