Definition of sandy in English:


adjectivesandiest, sandier

  • 1Covered in or consisting mostly of sand.

    ‘pine woods and a fine sandy beach’
    • ‘The river flows out in a lagoon setting and joins the lake just outside a long extended finger of sand, right beside a beautiful sandy beach.’
    • ‘The islands are ringed by sandy beaches and surrounded by shallow seas.’
    • ‘It is mostly flat and sandy, with little fertile soil.’
    • ‘Soils in this classification include fine sands, loamy sands and fine sandy loams.’
    • ‘The area covers 1,200 hectares of land and consists of flat plains, foothills and a white sandy beach, sloping down towards a crystal blue sea.’
    • ‘The country is blessed with hundreds of miles of sprawling sandy beaches, with fine white sand and clear blue water.’
    • ‘Some lawns are planted on shallow, sandy soil and are almost impossible to keep green during these hot August days.’
    • ‘At Arillas, a resort with a sandy beach and watersports, the Christos Apartments offer spacious two-bedroom accommodation sleeping five.’
    • ‘The Brazos also has many sand bars and sandy beaches that make for great picnic spots or swim areas.’
    • ‘If your soil is mostly sandy, the Nitrogen in the fertilizer should leach out fairly quickly with continued watering.’
    • ‘Lazy summer days are made to be spent on the gravel flats and sandy beaches along Northern California's Russian River.’
    • ‘The memory of California is just getting back to me while I walk along the sandy beach, swishing the sand under my shoes.’
    • ‘He is using computer modeling and mapping to identify the locations of these sandy or shallow soils.’
    • ‘Coming back we crossed a vast expanse of low, sandy hummocks covered with sand verbena.’
    • ‘Golden sandy beaches, international restaurants, hip cafes and Greek hospitality inspire many European artists and writers to live here all year round.’
    • ‘Whilst the rugged northern coast absorbs a perennial battering from the sea, the southern shoreline is sheltered and calm, with sandy beaches and natural harbours.’
    • ‘Its fine sandy beach runs the length of its 40 km wingspan, and just under a million Germans holiday here every year, so why is it that we Brits haven't even heard of it?’
    • ‘There is also a pleasant resort at Tsilvi, which has a long sandy beach with shallow water, making it ideal for people with young families.’
    • ‘Next day the roads and hollows or low-lying places resembled closely the sandy, pebbly beach on the sea shore.’
    • ‘At the bottom of the cliff was a sandy beach, waves thundering relentlessly onto the sand.’
    grainy, granular, gravelly, pebbly, stony
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  • 2(especially of hair) light yellowish brown.

    ‘pale eyes and receding sandy hair’
    • ‘One of them had golden blond hair and a football player's build, while the second had light, sandy brown hair and blue eyes.’
    • ‘He seemed a few years older than Pavel, had light brown eyes and sandy golden hair, and his cheeks were flushed from the run in the cold air.’
    • ‘His short, sandy brown hair was kind of messy and fell to just above his ears.’
    • ‘I have shoulder length sandy brown hair, blue eyes, am always smiling, and wear western and leather clothing.’
    • ‘A guy with sandy brown hair was sitting on one of the seats, his foot tapping in an impatient rhythm.’
    • ‘I couldn't tell how tall he was because he was sitting down but he had sandy brown hair and brown eyes.’
    • ‘His once dirty blond hair had become a light, sandy brown and his scrawny build had been filled out with muscles.’
    • ‘He looked up at me through a light curtain of sandy hair.’
    • ‘He was very short and he had a mouse-like appearance; small nose, small eyes, pale skin and an extremely light sandy hair.’
    • ‘His sandy brown hair was fixed with just the right amount of gel.’
    • ‘Rough stubbles of wispy hair were developing on his dimpled chin and his rough curling sandy brown hair was unkempt and tousled wildly.’
    • ‘Chelsea quickly ran her fingers through her sandy brown hair and applied a fresh coat of mascara.’
    • ‘He was tall and gorgeous, with rumpled sandy brown hair and azure eyes that Audrey could tell broke the hearts of girls everywhere.’
    • ‘His sandy brown hair was tied back with a small black string.’
    • ‘Michelle was a slim girl with green eyes and sandy brown hair.’
    • ‘A tall guy stood at the front door, his sandy brown hair shining in the light.’
    • ‘She had very long sandy brown hair that she wore in a French braid.’
    • ‘At first, my attentions were placed on Kevin, who was cute with his sandy brown hair and light brown eyes.’
    • ‘He had light green eyes with sandy golden hair not unlike his own.’
    • ‘He was followed by another boy, with light, sandy hair and green eyes.’
    friable, easily dug, workable
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nounPlural sandies

  • A light, crumbly biscuit, typically made with chopped pecans.


Old English sandig (see sand, -y).