Definition of sandwort in English:



  • A widely distributed low-growing plant of the pink family, typically having small white flowers and growing in dry sandy ground.

    Arenaria and other genera, family Caryophyllaceae

    • ‘Over 160 different vascular plants have been recorded at Winskill Stones including noteworthy species such as spring sandwort, horseshoe vetch, meadow saxifrage, mossy saxifrage, mountain everlasting and moonwort.’
    • ‘Among these are nailwort, slender mountain sandwort, rock jasmine, and alpine primrose.’
    • ‘The altogether fetching, ground-hugging alpine forget-me-nots are at their peak in mid-July (followed closely by such charmers as alpine sandwort, mouse ear, and rockjasmine).’
    • ‘You also can plant sandwort in a dry spot such as a rockery or the top of a wall.’