Definition of sandwich board in English:

sandwich board


  • A pair of advertisement boards connected by straps by which they are hung over a person's shoulders.

    • ‘I feel compelled to parade the streets wearing a sandwich board proclaiming, ‘Believe me, we're not all this dumb.’’
    • ‘It's also a lot easier for people driving by to see a sandwich board sign rather than getting out of their vehicle and walking up to the door to read the fine print, or to test the door and find it locked.’
    • ‘‘One young child wet the bed one night and was forced to walk round with a sandwich board over him the next day saying what he had done,’ she said.’
    • ‘A woman who stole US $4.52 worth of fuel was ordered to stand outside the gas station wearing a sandwich board sign that declared: ‘I was caught stealing gas.’’
    • ‘On Orcas Island, my wife and I noticed a sandwich board advertising half-day sea kayak expeditions, ‘No Experience Necessary.’’
    • ‘She is in the process of getting this put onto a T-shirt, but as it's quite long it may have to be a sandwich board instead.’
    • ‘We dodged past a camel walking by with a sandwich board advertising Cut-Price Jeans on either side of his hump.’
    • ‘If I see you wearing a foam trucker hat, then you might as well be wearing a sandwich board advertising a cheap Chlamydia remedy, because I'm going to walk on by.’
    • ‘This means trying to get it reviewed, getting other people to talk about it, appearing on panels, writing op-eds, everything short of walking around Times Square wearing a sandwich board.’
    • ‘My goodness, I'm sounding like a Bolshevik or a troubled man on a street corner with a sandwich board proclaiming the end of the world is nigh.’
    • ‘He finds work as a roughneck on an oil rig, as a gator wrangler in a tourist trap gator farm, and wearing a sandwich board for a dental office.’
    • ‘Last year she wandered the Fringe grounds apparently topless, her breasts covered by a sandwich board promoting Cake.’
    • ‘I wanted to find someone to kiss me again so much that I practically walked up and down Hampstead High Street wearing a sandwich board saying: ‘Please marry me.’’
    • ‘He had agreed to walk through London wearing a sandwich board reading: ‘I admit the best team won the RWC’ if he was proved wrong.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the sandwich board also drew the attention of Redmond's regulators, who have decreed that the content of portable signs must be limited to three topics: real estate, politics, and celebrations.’
    • ‘Wearing a sandwich board he paraded outside BT's HQ in London for more than an hour before someone from BT agreed to see him.’
    • ‘An Irish advertising company has created the digital 21st century version of the human sandwich board.’
    • ‘Today, it's a guy on the sidewalk with a sandwich board reading, ‘Will manage portfolios for food.’’
    • ‘Some people suggest that I wear a sandwich board, but that seems bulky.’
    • ‘The court upheld a punishment last summer for a man guilty of postal fraud, requiring him to wear a sandwich board that read: ‘I stole mail.’’


sandwich board