Definition of sandspit in English:



  • A narrow point of sandy land projecting into the sea.

    ‘the dramatic beach on the far side of the sandspit’
    • ‘They originally constructed a lagoon in the middle of the sandspit.’
    • ‘I went to some trouble to search out the most interesting photos and descriptions of the intact relocation of an 800-ton structure resting on nothing more substantial than a sandspit.’
    • ‘Major work is in hand with regard to the tidying up of the sandspit.’
    • ‘It's a 35-square kilometre area with reefs, a little bit of lagoons, and a sandspit.’
    • ‘A dramatic reminder of the recently expanding ties between the village and the outside world was a gravel roadway stretching from the sandspit at the island's easternmost edge to its highest knoll a mile or so away.’
    • ‘The is a 15-minute drive over the hill on a long sandspit enclosing the broad harbour.’
    • ‘Just getting access to the site would prove almost impossible once the sandspit's archaeological sites, flora, and fauna were taken into account.’
    • ‘The settlement is built on a sandspit.’
    • ‘The northern end includes a sandspit sanctuary for endangered birds.’
    • ‘The sandspit protected the area from disasters such as tsunamis.’