Definition of sandpit in English:



  • 1A quarry from which sand is excavated.

    • ‘Aside from moving onto some of the Nordic Ski Club's land, the sandpit in the area would have also been disrupted if the application were approved.’
    • ‘They nest gregariously in sandy roadways and trails, bulldozed sandy fields, and sandpits.’
    • ‘The team, led by C. Susanth, found that most of the tributaries of the Bharathappuzha have dried up even before the start of the summer season, posing a threat to the breeding of the Tern, which lays its eggs in sandpits in the banks.’
    • ‘The airport sandpit is still closed and millions of dollars of potential revenue has been lost from lack of sales of filling sand.’
    • ‘Dempseys supplied sand and gravel to customers all around the west from their sandpits in Kilkelly.’
    • ‘He said the council refused the company retention based on the location of the sandpit so close to a public water supply and the fear of the water source to Durrow, Clonkee and Ballinakill becoming polluted or contaminated.’
    • ‘Interest groups are claiming gross mismanagement of the sandpits and land is being given out secretly to ensure that if political sides change, there would be some form of insurance for certain people.’
    • ‘To the north and south are sandpits and marshes so thick they resemble oil slicks.’
    • ‘She said she personally visited the sandpit on May 27 and observed that drivers were, in fact, covering their loads with tarpaulins.’
    • ‘The route then moves up through the former sandpit and will connect to the Stradbally Road via the planned Summerhill housing development.’
    • ‘After the treasure hunt the scouts set up camp once again in the sandpit in Graignamanagh, where they cooked dinner and took part in several wide games.’
    • ‘The ground is dwarfed by seven giant cranes, used as part of a renovation scheme which has reduced a huge bank of terracing to a giant sandpit.’
    • ‘The material was brought from Feehily's and Kennedy's sandpits in Dawros by horse and cart.’
    • ‘The group, joined by three international artists for the project, works in a roped-off sandpit watched by passers-by.’
    • ‘Gallipoli resembled a huge sandpit full of precipices, endless ravines and impassable ridges covered in thick scrub.’
    1. 1.1British A shallow box or hollow in the ground, partly filled with sand for children to play in.
      • ‘The trio have been firm friends since nursery school, where they met across a crowded sandpit aged three and a half.’
      • ‘We love to see the children playing in the sandpit and on the various rides and slides that are provided.’
      • ‘Each day the children can choose from a number of activities including Playdoh, drawing and colouring puzzles, sandpit, toy cars, trains, farm with animals and tractors - you name it their imagination takes over!’
      • ‘Laid out around a series of courtyards, this school was designed to provide children with big spaces for play, as well as sandpits, quiet courtyards and a mix of grass and paved surfaces.’
      • ‘We'll have sandpits and paddling pools with ice creams and candy floss.’
      • ‘The main focus for improvement was the school's internal courtyard, a new sandpit with cover, a revamped pond changed into a herb garden and the creation of play and quiet areas.’
      • ‘The group had to drive down dirt tracks to reach the schools and found that many students were studying and reading in sandpits.’
      • ‘A disused paddling pool in Sough Park, Earby, could be turned into a giant sandpit for children.’
      • ‘The playground is like a mini replica of a scene from a Walt Disney set with a playhouse, swings, sandpit, slides, and see-saws.’
      • ‘The chairman reported that he had walked round the playing field prior to the meeting, and had found large dog footprints in the children's sandpit, which had a fence all round it.’
      • ‘There are climbing frames, swing boats, a host of slides, a timber fort, an Indiana Jones-style wooden bridge, paddling pool, sandpit, pedalo boats and a little ferry boat, which can be propelled along by hand.’
      • ‘I remember those occasions, half a lifetime ago, when our children played together in the sandpit, we fought badminton matches in the garden and enjoyed open, easy banter between the two families.’
      • ‘The play area, which has toys, a sandpit, and a water area, is attached to the infant classroom.’
      • ‘It has a play tower and a slide down into a sandpit (with a sail over it to protect against sunburn).’
      • ‘But for now, while you are up to your elbows in sandpits and play dough, the world around you is overwhelmingly female.’
      • ‘Maybe I am giving out negative vibes about nursery or perhaps it is some genetic defect that makes us both violently allergic to stickle-bricks and sandpits, but whatever the reason, he is having none of it at the moment.’
      • ‘The play area has toys, a sandpit, and a water area.’
      • ‘It's easy now, walking across the common, past the sandpit to the crater-like dent that harbours a little lake, to imagine that first discovery just as Wells's narrator saw it.’
      • ‘We urge parents, grandparents and child carers to turn ponds into child-friendly sandpits.’
      • ‘Sylvia and I cried for our mums, so they put us in the sandpit and then on a big swing which was in the hall, to keep us quiet.’