Definition of sandhill in English:



  • A sand dune.

    • ‘You pick your point according to the wind over the sandhill on the left.’
    • ‘Whether a camel is stuck in a gluggy saltpan, a vehicle is bogged on a giant sandhill, a party is running out of fuel or water, or guests are marooned on the wrong side of rising floodwaters, Rex can always find a solution.’
    • ‘In Broadland the storm resulted in a 2000 feet breach in the sandhills at the Hundred Stream north of Winterton.’
    • ‘The vast sea of red sandhills that stretch for hundreds of kilometers across the Simpson Desert are part of what makes this area unique.’
    • ‘Arrived outside, they collected some blunderbusses, rifles and revolvers, and took up a position behind some sandhills.’
    • ‘As this was the first time that the oystercatcher had come so far from its more conventional nesting habitat on the shingle beaches and sandhills close to the sea, one wondered why.’
    • ‘The habitat is given in his publication as ‘sandy and rocky soil, fields, pine barrens, and flatwoods,’ but habitat in the Carolinas and Virginia could be described more specifically as sandhills.’
    • ‘The one and a half hour walk is a round trip walk through the bush on the reserve to the sandhills, along the beach, up a bluff and back through the bush to the Lodge.’
    • ‘Plant propagation material is collected from the wild in order to establish and maintain the botanic gardens (which seek to replicate the main habitats of the entire region - from sandhills to woodlands).’
    • ‘Arapaho Prairie represents typical upland dry sandhills prairie, with steep slopes grading into undulating dunes and flat valleys.’
    • ‘It was not unusual for Laurie to drag his swimmers out of bed late at night in a swim camp after a gruelling days work and run them on the beach and sandhills for another hour.’
    • ‘The sandhills at Strandhill cover a vast acreage, and are some of the most impressively expansive in the county.’
    • ‘Most widespread around the sandhills is scrub, which is a desertlike habitat of sandy mounds with scattered clumps of vegetation.’
    • ‘Materials are simple: plastered concrete block walls which anchor the house into the sandhills, are combined with timber-framed walls, cedar cladding and cedar framed windows.’
    • ‘Within the Carolinas, sandhills and sandy woods are considered the typical habitat of this species, and the Virginia occurrence, found on a slightly elevated sandy ridge, fits this concept well.’
    • ‘On the return ride we clambered up the sandhills from where the view and sounds from the sea became more impressive.’
    • ‘The Jewish population of the town, so far as they could be found, were marshalled, taken to an area known as the sandhills, adjacent to the ghetto, and shot.’
    • ‘For decades, he had spent his days wandering out into the desert, searching the sandhills for artifacts.’
    • ‘When you think of unusual Southeastern habitats, you might list the sandhills, Carolina bays, and pocosins of the coastal plain along with the heath balds, spray ledges, and boulder fields of the mountains.’
    • ‘The country around the station was described as stony table lands ending in abrupt cliffs, red sandhills covered with spinifex, or else bare and barren, here and there a salt lake shining and dazzling like a lake full of diamonds.’
    beach, sands, shore, seaside, seashore, foreshore, dunes, sand dunes, sandhills, desert
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