Definition of sandfish in English:


nounPlural sandfishes

  • 1A small marine fish with fringed lips, which burrows in the sand.

    a North Pacific fish (Trichodon trichodon, family Trichodontidae).

    an elongated Australian fish (Crapatulus arenarius, family Leptoscopidae).

    • ‘The sandfish spends most of its time underground living in soft sand.’
    • ‘Pacific Sandfish live in the Northern Pacific from California to Russia.’
    • ‘The Australian government is trying to seed juveniles of sandfish, Holothuroidea scabra which were reduced by overfishing.’
  • 2A small sea bass which lives only in shallow inshore waters around Florida.

    Serranus subligarius, family Serranidae

    • ‘The state's biggest belted sandfish weighed .05 pounds.’
    • ‘Fish counters saw many big belted sandfish.’