Definition of sandboarding in English:



  • See sandboard

    • ‘You've got to wonder what took so long for sandboarding and a sandboarding park - the world's first - to take off at the central Oregon coast's 40 acres of dunes.’
    • ‘Although the story told here is about kayaking, it could just as easily be about mountain biking, rock-climbing, sandboarding, jet-skiing, or myriad other forms of adventure recreation.’
    • ‘Exploring expansive salt lakes in a boat after rain, sailboarding, and sandboarding, sitting on top of Mt. Gillen - the bush beckons.’
    • ‘Today ‘Sandboard Magazine’ on line is the center for international and local sandboarding.’
    • ‘First practiced in Chile in 1987, sandboarding gained widespread attention around 2000 as ‘that ski sport in the sand.’’