Definition of sand wasp in English:

sand wasp


  • A digger wasp that excavates its burrow in sandy soil. Sand wasps typically have an abdomen with a very long and slender ‘waist’.

    Subfamily Sphecinae, family Sphecidae: Ammophila and other genera

    • ‘One hard-working mother is the sand wasp, who spends all her time catering for her yet unhatched young, ensuring they have a tasty meal when they hatch by placing live paralysed caterpillars in their nest for them.’
    • ‘Then we re-entered the dunes and walked the edge of Newborough Warren, the grassed over portion of the nature reserve which is grazed by grey ponies to keep down rank grasses and for the benefit of the sand wasp.’
    • ‘The weather was hot and sand wasps were busy along the trail at Oyster River.’
    • ‘The sand wasp works hard to look after its young but the female is too busy to guard all her nest sites.’