Definition of sand martin in English:

sand martin


  • A gregarious swallow-like bird with dark brown and white plumage, excavating nest holes in sandy banks and cliffs near water.

    Genus Riparia, family Hirundinidae: three species, in particular the widespread R. riparia (North American name: bank swallow)

    • ‘In the past week, sand martins, swallows, chiffchaffs, wheaters and ringed plovers have all been seen there.’
    • ‘A study of sexual chases in sand martins showed that heavy females (due to natural and simulated egg loads) faced an impaired take-off ability compared to lighter birds.’
    • ‘For example, they found that 14%, 2.4%, and 1.8% of 167 sand martins Riparia riparia chicks were the result of extra-pair fertilizations, quasi-parasitism, and CBP, respectively.’
    • ‘Locals supported claims by the Friends of the Irish Environment group that blasting and excavations on the foreshore at Glengad posed a potential threat to the sand martin, a species of bird which is known to nest there.’
    • ‘I was in search of migrant birds and I discovered sand martins and my first common sandpiper of the year.’
    • ‘A number of sand martins currently nest in the upper layer of soil on the cliff at Glengad.’
    • ‘Mention of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area's many rare and endangered species drew loud and spirited booing from the audience, who failed to see why a bank swallow or snowy plover should take precedence over Fido.’
    • ‘Here we use a standardized task to measure the impact of manipulated tail streamer lengths on maneuvering flight in the barn swallow and in the sand martin, a closely related species that lacks a streamer.’
    • ‘This valley is something, with a sombre curtain of serious rock face, oystercatchers, sand martins and where the water cuts deep, a 15 ft vertical bank profile of round rocks like billiard balls.’
    • ‘I also saw some sand martins for the first time in Iraq.’
    • ‘The sand martins are buzzing around and around busy feeding young.’


sand martin