Definition of sand lizard in English:

sand lizard


  • A small ground-dwelling Old World lizard favouring heathland or sandy areas.

    Lacerta agilis (of Eurasia), and genus Pedioplanis (of Africa), family Lacertidae

    • ‘In contrast the larger and, as its name implies, sand lizard lays eggs.’
    • ‘For example, they found that although female sand lizards appeared to mate randomly, unrelated males sired more offspring.’
    • ‘A similar problem applies to studies on sand lizards, which show that genetic relatedness explains a significant part of the variation in fertilization success under sperm competition.’
    • ‘The New Forest will also change, with rare reptiles such as the sand lizard and smooth snake preferring the warmer conditions.’
    • ‘The effects on any reptiles present such as the sand lizard or smooth snake would be minimal, both in terms of their low numbers and the ample scope for their relocation if necessary.’
    • ‘Here, there were sand lizards, and gopher holes, and the trail switched back and forth between huge rocks that looked like the roots of the earth itself, washed out by a rainstorm.’
    • ‘Earlier studies of adders, sand lizards, and other insects have shown that females’ mating with more than one male is associated with higher egg or offspring viability.’
    • ‘We review postcopulatory phenomena in the Swedish sand lizard and adder, and in particular, links between female promiscuity, determinants of paternity, and offspring viability.’