Definition of sand lance in English:

sand lance


  • another term for sand eel
    • ‘They can nest up to 60 km inland, but are dependent on marine habitat for their primary food, Pacific sand lance, which they forage for close to shore.’
    • ‘The diet of Pigeon Guillemot chicks showed high annual variation from 1979 to 1997, presumably because of fluctuations in abundance of Pacific sand lance, a high-lipid schooling fish.’
    • ‘A logical step, they say, would be to curb shoreline development, particularly in areas of extensive eelgrass beds, which are nurseries for juvenile salmon and the salmon's primary prey of herring, surf smelt and sand lance.’
    • ‘Analyses of parental provisioning and nestling growth are confined to 2000 when nestlings ate the supplemental sand lance throughout the nestling period.’
    • ‘They carry one capelin, herring, or sand lance at a time to the chicks, making about 16 trips a day.’
    • ‘Aspects of the life history of this species are not well known because of taxonomic confusion with the offshore form Ammodytes dubius Reinhardt, northern sand lance.’
    • ‘They do not scavenge for their food as gulls often do, but rather they subsist on live fish which they catch by making a headlong dive into the ocean, usually for sand eels or sand lance.’
    • ‘Herring and adult salmon and sand lance and juvenile salmon had overlapping isotopic ratios (p =.55, and .76, respectively; K nearest-neighbor).’
    • ‘On a recent walk on South Beach, Chatham, I watched tern after tern coming from the open ocean, a sand lance protruding from both sides of every beak, probably heading for Monomoy where they would feed this staple to their nestlings.’
    • ‘Since they spend many months of the year at sea, the Horned Puffin's diet is not completely known, except that the chicks are fed almost exclusively fish (mostly sand lances, capelin, and other small fish).’