Definition of samsaric in English:



Hinduism Buddhism
  • See samsara

    • ‘This dualistic structure, together with the disturbing emotions and the karma that is produced through them, are the forces that drive us from one samsaric experience to another.’
    • ‘An artist drew the images according to the Buddha's instructions, illustrating the whole realm of samsaric existence from which we seek liberation.’
    • ‘The various samsaric worlds are known as ‘impure realms,’ that is, places where the condition of samsara prevails among the inhabitants.’
    • ‘In the first stage of our spiritual journey, we look at the existence of our samsaric body and samsaric world as unclean, as something to abandon or renounce.’
    • ‘We have for many, many lifetimes been caught up in the samsaric existence because of fascination with our habitual patterns, and are compelled for this reason to continue the patterns in the same way that we had in the past.’