Definition of samsara in English:



mass nounBuddhism Hinduism
  • The cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.

    • ‘They accept the religion's basic concepts of dharma, samsara, karma, and ahimsa.’
    • ‘They are not like the inhabitants of the realm of the gods, who are still within samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth.’
    • ‘The world we live in, in the Buddhist context, is called samsara, a world of birth and death, of arising and passing away, where nothing happens unless conditions come together to bring it about.’
    • ‘Fabricating this chain of desire is how we keep ourselves in samsara.’
    • ‘The convictions that samsara is nirvana and that atman is Brahman are two distinctive religious conclusions born of such insight.’


From Sanskrit saṃsāra.