Definition of sample space in English:

sample space


  • The range of values of a random variable.

    • ‘Fibroblast cells were loaded into the 50-micron thick sample space between two BaFl 2 windows by using a syringe to push the cell suspension into the sample space.’
    • ‘Compositional data were returned to a sample space suitable for conventional statistics through the use of additive log-ratio transformations.’
    • ‘A problem with this test is to define an order in the sample space to calculate the p value.’
    • ‘To increase the power of the analysis, the entire sample space is split into upper and lower quartiles.’
    • ‘The probability of finding a table with the same marginal totals that has a test statistic equal to or more extreme than the observed table was estimated using the Markov chain to efficiently explore the sample space.’