Definition of samosa in English:



  • A triangular savoury pastry fried in ghee or oil, containing spiced vegetables or meat.

    • ‘The starters of vegetable pakora and samosas were first rate and served with several tangy sauces.’
    • ‘Then you could move onto some deliciously cooked and wonderfully arranged bhajis, shish kebabs or samosas.’
    • ‘Indian food (such as chapattis, a flat bread; samosas, vegetable or meat-filled pastries; and masala, a spiced rice dish), is widely available in all urban areas.’
    • ‘The starters we ordered, vegetable pakora and meat samosas, were excellent.’
    • ‘My wife, Jayne, enjoyed the mini savoury selection which consisted of crunchy onion bhajis, aloo tikkas, spinach pakoras and vegetable samosas all deep fried and served with two dips.’
    • ‘The more convenience-minded can also pick up dishes to go - vegetable samosas, tandoori sandwiches and the like are also available.’
    • ‘In India, savoury samosas are usually served with a chutney of some sort.’
    • ‘Whatever you choose, you're sure to enjoy nibbling on crispy papadums and tasty vegetable samosas - fresh vegetables and spices wrapped in a light pastry and deep fried - as you sip through your selection.’
    • ‘There are Indian samosas filled with coriander-scented duck confit.’
    • ‘Vadas, samosas, and spring rolls are being added now.’
    • ‘Where else in Kochi, but Kadavanthara can one find people enjoying bhel puris, paani puris, paav bhajis, gol gappas and samosas from the row of chaat stalls.’
    • ‘We tried vegetable samosas, butter chicken and rogan josh with biriani rice, all of which were very good and made to order.’
    • ‘In the meantime, check out her restaurant for excellent curries, samosas, bhajis and, yes, pakora.’
    • ‘The menu covers the usual selections expected in an Indian restaurants, with the vegetarian starters generally under B.100 including vegetable pakora or samosas.’
    • ‘Street food also is quite common for snacks and includes samosas, roti, curried rolls, soups, and noodles.’
    • ‘Crucially, the food items like samosas, pastries, puffs, wraps, sandwiches and the like as well as the water are to be periodically tested for quality, he promises.’
    • ‘As a result, you're always hearing tales about the perfect slice of pizza in distant Flatbush, say, or the incomparable samosa in far-off Jackson Heights.’
    • ‘He limited himself to a small bowl of curried pumpkin soup, passing up the Greek salad and spicy chicken samosas prepared by the island's superb chefs.’
    • ‘Mombasa is known for its Indian foods brought by the numerous immigrants from the subcontinent, including curries, samosas, and chapatti, a fried bread.’
    • ‘It is common to see white Americans and Hispanics picking their fruits, vegetables and milk at Indian grocery stores and yes, the occasional packet of samosas and spices too.’


From Persian and Urdu.