Definition of Samoan in English:



  • Relating to Samoa, its people, or their language.

    • ‘Usually brief and excerpted from larger dances, these express his experience at the intersections of Samoan and New Zealand cultures and of traditional and contemporary dance.’
    • ‘The first missionaries to arrive in the mid-nineteenth century were Samoan.’
    • ‘In 1999 the Festival commissioned a Samoan composer and arranger to create a new 60-minute work, Malaga.’
    • ‘It is her Kiwi, Scottish, Samoan, Fijian, Spanish heritage that accounts for her exotic looks.’
    • ‘A spokesman for AMSA says any comment must come from the Western Samoan based organisation, SPREP.’
    • ‘The group comprises Samoan, Cook Island and Tokelauan performers.’
    • ‘In Samoan culture a similar concept is referred to as masiasi.’
    • ‘At 3 AM Eastern time he climbed over the concrete barriers on the Samoan side and ran through the Occurrence, becoming the first person to do so.’
    • ‘Migrants from Southeast Asia arrived in the Samoan islands more than 2,000 years ago and from there settled the rest of Polynesia further to the east.’
    • ‘Maybe this maturity comes from having had to uproot himself and move to the other side of the world: he is now settled permanently in the UK, but his parents are both Samoan and he was born and brought up in Dunedin, New Zealand.’
    • ‘‘All Samoan police personnel involved in the operation were Australian trained under the Defence Cooperation Program,’ he said.’
    • ‘Music was always around, a lot of it Samoan music.’
    • ‘Fourth-year Vic students, they're also the only Chilean and Samoan, respectively, in the Festival, and the youngest performers.’
    • ‘Her son's father is a mixture of Tokelauan and Samoan.’
    • ‘The premiere of The Songmaker's Chair, the first play by a Samoan writer, was a significant cultural event.’
    • ‘Names for relatives in the Samoan language are different from those in Western cultures.’
    • ‘The population is estimated at 172,000 for the year 2000, 94 percent of which is is ethnically Samoan.’
    • ‘It is debatable whether mamala is unique to Samoa, as the homalanthus genus occurs across the Pacific, but Samoan officials take a very practical view of it all.’
    • ‘The data indicated that although the Samoan women felt as fat as the Australian women, this feeling was less likely to impact on their feelings of attractiveness.’
    • ‘Some 7 million identified with two or more races, refusing to describe themselves as only white, black, Asian, Korean, Samoan or one of the other categories listed.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Samoa.

    • ‘His kingly household expenses of £10 a day (equivalent to £540 now) were part of the reason he was so much admired and honoured by Samoans.’
    • ‘Most Samoans wear a lavalava, the traditional garb of a wraparound piece of colourful fabric, and the art of tattooing is still widespread.’
    • ‘Suggestions for the expansion of the Super 12 provincial competition have included a combined Pacific Island team comprising Tongans, Samoans and Fijians, and a fourth franchise in Australia.’
    • ‘While the Munster coach hasn't decided what role the 33 year-old Samoan should play on Friday, there is little doubt he'll be a key player in the against Biarritz nine days later.’
    • ‘Tongan Americans are often confused with Samoans and Hawaiians, and have only been enumerated distinct from Asians and Hawaiians since 1980.’
    • ‘No such charity can be granted to anyone involved in the movie, especially given its casual ridicule of blacks, gays, Asians, Russians and, in a novel twist, Samoans.’
    • ‘American Samoans still use the terms Western Samoa and Western Samoans.’
    • ‘There is a lot of clanishness among the Chinese, Japanese and the recent influx of Samoans, many of whom have emigrated to Hawaii to take jobs at far lower wages than other ethnic groups.’
    • ‘The Samoans fielded a makeshift line-out, struggled in scrums though they outweighed the divisional side and lacked combination in general play.’
    • ‘While the heroic Samoans earned the praise of rugby fans everywhere, England's credibility was made to look laughable.’
    • ‘Ulijaszek said migrant Samoans in American Samoa were more overweight than those in western Samoa, while those who had emigrated to Hawaii were even more likely to be obese.’
    • ‘A small number of people of mixed descent are descendants of Samoans and European, Chinese, Melanesians, and other Polynesians who settled in the country in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.’
    • ‘Having a rugby playing Samoan sitting on your lap may sound like fun, but after an hour my legs were numb.’
    • ‘Woodward said that the cash-strapped Samoans deserved the money because of the way they behaved after the blunder by not pushing for England to be punished and ruining what has so far been the best game of the World Cup.’
    • ‘Native born American Samoans are U. S. nationals and are free to travel between the two countries and reside in either.’
    • ‘Stevenson, known on the island as Tusitala, the Teller of Tales, is an honoured presence among the Samoans and feels he has found a safe haven among these uninhibited people who revere the gift of storytelling.’
    • ‘Although Samoans were not consulted on the date-line in 1884, Falealupo, population around 2000, had a deeper connection with life's end game.’
    • ‘Their Tongans, Samoans and Premiership pensioners were much less impressive, and, on the day, there was no doubt that the unglamorous assembled might of Workington, Penrith, Wigton and Kendal was too much for them.’
    • ‘Ninety-eight percent of Samoans are Christians.’
    • ‘England's laboured victory over the combative Samoans ensured the cup co-favourites were into the last eight and all but guaranteed they will top the group with just minnows Uruguay to come.’
  • 2mass noun The Polynesian language of Samoa, which has over 300,000 speakers in Samoa, New Zealand, the US, and elsewhere.

    • ‘As the students settle in I hear Tagalog, Samoan, and Spanish wafting from the tents.’
    • ‘The Samoic subgroup includes Samoan and the languages of Tokelau and Tuvalu.’
    • ‘With such other languages as Hawaiian, Samoan, and Tongan, it is a member of the Polynesian branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family.’
    • ‘My mother said that we didn't want to learn Samoan, we just wanted to learn English.’
    • ‘Pua'a means ‘pig’ in Samoan, but it also came to mean locomotive, because of the English nickname ‘hog’.’
    • ‘English is not, after all, Samoan or Quechua, rich and subtle tongues though these may be, it's the world's lingua franca in 2002.’
    • ‘Right out in the Pacific, there is much less linguistic diversity than in Melanesia: Samoan has almost half a million speakers and Tongan over 100,000.’
    • ‘Since the mid-1970s, Samoan and Gilbertese have declined in importance and English has become the prestige language and the medium of communication with the outside world.’
    • ‘The official language of Western Samoa is Samoan.’
    • ‘Working with the Samoan language centre next door, he hired two language resource staff, one who teaches in Samoan and the other in te reo.’
    • ‘Feelstyle - who is more commonly known as Kas, an abbreviation of his old stage name Picasso - raps as fluently in Samoan as English, and alternates between the two languages throughout.’
    • ‘A sermon and invocation in Samoan was followed by an impromptu chorale, offering prayers and songs for the doomed.’
    • ‘The service itself I really liked, despite being able to understand none of it, as it was in Samoan.’
    • ‘Older people are bilingual in Samoan, which was introduced with Christianity in the 1860s; younger people are more apt to be bilingual in English through their schooling.’
    • ‘In Samoan words all syllables are given equal timing with a slight accent placed on the penultimate syllable.’
    • ‘Linguistically, Tongan is related to Samoan and other Polynesian languages.’
    • ‘For lunch they devoured chunks of fresh coconut and ate whole fish raw - a treat called pikiniki in Tokelauan, camtrai in Vietnamese and taafaoga in Samoan.’