Definition of samey in English:


adjectivesamiest, samier

  • Lacking in variety; monotonous.

    ‘dance music all sounds rather samey to me’
    • ‘He finds their look contrived, their music empty, their songs too samey and their CD overhyped.’
    • ‘Unlike the beer, the background music is too samey (slick and bland ambient and dance sounds, albeit pretty unobtrusive).’
    • ‘Tim has little time for supermarkets because they are ‘getting very samey in what they sell’.’
    • ‘I have played the album quite a few times, and am happy to listen all the way through, but the middle of the album does seem a bit samey.’
    • ‘The difference culturally has also been very interesting, and at times we would have to admit that African food has been at best a bit samey!’
    tedious, dull, monotonous
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