Definition of same old, same old in English:

same old, same old


  • Used to convey that something is drearily predictable or familiar.

    ‘the game's fantasy setting is the same old, same old’
    • ‘But the presentation is so smart and different that it really grabs one's attention in a market of same old, same old.’
    • ‘I'm a bit surprised this film was able to be made considering how much Hollywood seems to pride itself on churning out the same old, same old.’
    • ‘I had a taste for doing the unachievable, doing things that were interesting, not the same old, same old.’
    • ‘Quests and missions are functional, but the major problem they suffer from is that in a lot of ways they're still the same old, same old.’
    • ‘The chief provided 140 pages of the same old, same old, and six pages of new information.’
    • ‘In a trice, the thrill of the new evaporates, leaving you once again with that familiar feeling: same old, same old.’
    • ‘A.M.'s songs are nothing to write home about, no new ground is covered; same old, same old, however finely tuned they may be.’
    • ‘Let's just hope the single is Mercury Rev providing a gentle reintroduction of themselves before unleashing new sounds, rather than an indication of an album stuffed full of the same old, same old.’
    • ‘Anything less and the skeptics will have their day and, for the rest of us, five more years of the same old, same old.’
    • ‘Political spin is as old as politics, and it is tempting to view the Campaign '04 version as nothing more than an update of the same old, same old.’