Definition of salvationist in English:


(also Salvationist)


  • A member of the Salvation Army.

    • ‘They're called Presbyterians, Anglicans, Catholics, Salvationists and all the rest of them in all the different kinds of uniforms and badges of their believing.’
    • ‘The couple married two years later at the Salvation Army in Chippenham, at the request of Mrs Wilkins' parents who were Salvationists.’
    • ‘After a week's hard work as a farmhand up country in Australia he would return home at the weekends and get involved with the local Salvationists.’
    • ‘This Damon Runyon tale of Broadway in the 1940s, has a melee of characters including gamblers, nightclub performers and Salvationists seeking to reform wayward inhabitants of Times Square in New York.’
    • ‘The Salvationists believed in taking the word to the people on the street - but this was fraught with danger.’


  • 1Relating to salvation.

    ‘I redirected them from salvationist aspirations towards traditional psychiatry’
    • ‘The doctrine is both secular and salvationist, and attributes to Australia and the West in our generation the task of saving the world from poverty, war, historical grievances, superstition, prejudice and other such evils.’
    • ‘Over the past half-century the church has spread its strongly salvationist message across the globe and is now established in five continents.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to the Salvation Army.
      ‘a Salvationist family gave him work’
      • ‘In this predominantly male, working-class climate, the Salvationist vision stresses hard work, discipline and self-transformation in service to others.’
      • ‘On top of this, Salvationist women encountered constant reminders of the patriarchal nature of the sacred texts and received tradition of Christianity.’
      • ‘The Salvationist approach is always to apply Christian teaching in a practical way that helps people to help themselves, Susan says.’