Definition of Salvarsan in English:



  • another term for arsphenamine
    • ‘In 1909 he discovered the drug Salvarsan, an arsenical compound that was the first effective drug against the organism that causes syphilis, and he used the word ‘chemotherapy’ to indicate the use of such drugs.’
    • ‘I would be surprised if a drug as effective as Salvarsan, which cured many, were in clinical use as quickly, but not surprised if it shared Salvarsan's defects - substantial side effects and expense.’
    • ‘In 1910, with his Japanese colleague Sahachiro Hata, he developed arsphenamine, a synthetic preparation containing arsenic, which sold under the name of Salvarsan.’
    • ‘In a letter to Schiefler, Graef reported that they were awaiting a diagnosis, anxious to learn whether syphilis was the cause of his paralysis and if it could be treated with Salvarsan.’


Early 20th century: from German, from Latin salvare ‘save’ + German Arsenik ‘arsenic’ + -an.