Definition of saltiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɔːltɪnəs//ˈsɒːltɪnəs/


  • See salty

    • ‘French chef Joel Robuchon insists that chips ought to be salted twice: once lightly with finely ground salt, which is absorbed into the surface, and again with sea-salt flakes to add a tangy saltiness.’
    • ‘For instance, a little sourness from lime or lemon juice in a stir-fry will emphasise saltiness and reduce the amount of salt required.’
    • ‘The coarse texture and mild flavour of the beans contrasted nicely with the saltiness of the smoked ham and the richness of the sausage.’
    • ‘A ‘flan’ of braised short ribs had a musky, barbecue taste, but I was overwhelmed by its saltiness after a bite or two.’
    • ‘It was not remotely greasy and any tendency towards blandness was countered by the saltiness of the feta, while the orange butter sauce saved the whole dish from becoming too dry.’