Definition of saltie in English:



  • A saltwater crocodile.

    ‘he was doing maintenance on the crocodile pen when the saltie tried to make a meal of him’
    • ‘They knew there might be the occasional saltie as well as the smaller and more benign freshwater crocodiles, but had ancient knowledge to deal with them.’
    • ‘There won't be salties up here because of the shallows further down.’
    • ‘After hearing tapping on the door to their room, a couple of weary travellers peered through the curtains to be greeted by a 2.5 metre female saltie staring back at them.’
    • ‘I definitely wouldn't do river swimming in, say, northern Australia where the salties are truly evil.’
    • ‘Its core, containing millions of invaluable photographs, survives and falls to earth over northern Australia, only to be ingested by a huge saltie.’
    • ‘One of the "salties" was trapped on the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula and then flown by helicopter to the east coast.’
    • ‘We'd be getting up close and personal with salties.’
    • ‘Last year a 3.5m saltie snatched a dog at a creek that runs into popular Kewarra Beach, just north of Cairns.’
    • ‘His wife Jane, who is also a police officer, was praised for her quick thinking after driving their boat between her husband and the big saltie and hauling him out of the water.’
    • ‘Male salties are such nice guys that they even eat their own young, so mother croc has much work to do in preserving her offspring.’