Definition of salt something out in English:

salt something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Cause soap to separate from lye by adding salt.

    • ‘After adding stronger lye, the mixture is boiled until a sample becomes firm on cooling; the soap is then "salted out", i. e., common salt or concentrated brine is added, in which the soap is insoluble.’
    1. 1.1Chemistry Cause an organic compound to separate from an aqueous solution by adding an electrolyte.
      ‘the potassium carbonate salts out the otherwise water-soluble nitrile as a separate upper layer’
      • ‘Polymers such as poly(ethylene oxide) or poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) that are salted out by electrolytes usually show an inverse temperature solubility.’
      • ‘Determinations carried out on some dileucine hydrochloride which had been salted out with NaCl showed that the NaCl in the preparation was there as a result of adhering mother liquor and therefore not in chemical combination.’