Definition of salt something away in English:

salt something away

phrasal verb

  • Secretly store or put by something, especially money.

    ‘they salted the money away in numbered bank accounts around the world’
    • ‘Maggie, tell me about more of the iceberg, because it's easy to imagine that the money would be salted away in gold bouillon or somewhere exotic, piles of cash sitting in some vault somewhere.’
    • ‘As I have said I am satisfied it is salted away, therefore in his case, I make a Confiscation Order of the lesser of the two sums, that is the benefit figure, £139, 260 with a three year term imprisonment in default.’
    • ‘The real truth about the surplus - and what the Government is not telling the people - is that Michael Cullen has no idea where it came from and he is salting it away for a rainy day.’
    • ‘He said she was rather tight-fisted with hers preferring to salt it away in a savings account and he felt lumbered with paying for most of the household bills as well as the fun things in life like holidays and meals out.’
    • ‘In many countries resources and funds have been salted away by corrupt governments with the result that vital medical and educational programmes are unable to cope or have ceased functioning altogether.’
    • ‘He told the court: ‘He has carefully salted this money away in safe places, in safe investments and property.’’
    • ‘They weren't expecting it after all so they may as well pretend they're not getting it and salt it away for their child's future.’
    save, put aside, put away, put by, lay by, set aside, lay aside, put to one side, reserve, keep in reserve, deposit, keep, store, stockpile, hoard, stow away, cache
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