Definition of salt lake in English:

salt lake


  • A lake of salt water.

    • ‘The Salicornioideae are among the most salt-tolerant land plants and frequently occur in saline areas associated with coastlines, tidal floodways and salt lakes.’
    • ‘Rob Porcaro will leave the old Andado Station on the western edge of the desert on Tuesday, and spend 16 days trudging across clay pans and salt lakes to its eastern most point at Birdsville.’
    • ‘This salt water can be pumped to the surface for flooding dry salt lakes, creating evaporation ponds.’
    • ‘The two genera do coexist in some coastal salt lakes, usually in ponds of intermediate salinity, but are more often found separately, with Artemia occupying the ponds of higher salinity.’
    • ‘In addition, many small bodies of freshwater, as well as inland salt lakes, lack fish and other potentially effective predators and competitors.’