Definition of salt fish in English:

salt fish


mass noun
  • Fish, especially cod, that has been preserved in salt.

    • ‘A common meal served in rural areas called privilege blends rice, okra, hot pepper, pig tail or salt beef, garlic, salt fish, and onions.’
    • ‘Secular and religious holidays are occasions for the preparation of special foods, with fish soup and dumplings, peas and rice, salt fish, stewed mutton, curried goat and grilled local fish preferred.’
    • ‘The lingering stench of salt fish drying in the summer sun was still the sense that most defined my summer, but even that was less overpowering than it had been when I was younger.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the plantation economy exported cocoa and coffee and imported rice, beans, and salt fish to feed the plantation workers.’
    • ‘Within a decade, Gloucester's monopoly on the trade of dried salt fish for molasses from the Dutch colony of Surinam in South America would be eclipsed by the abolition of slavery.’


salt fish