Definition of salmonid in English:


Pronunciation /salˈmɒnɪd//ˈsalmənɪd/


  • A fish of the salmon family ("Salmonidae" ).

    • ‘Sea lice are natural parasites of wild salmonids (salmon and trout) in salt water, feeding on their mucus, skin, and blood.’
    • ‘Of all salmonids, namely the salmon and trout, S. confluentus is more inclined to feed on fish.’
    • ‘In addition to the normal spectrum perceived by most vertebrates, several shallow-water species are able to see ultraviolet light; others, such as anchovies, cyprinids, salmonids and cichlids, can even detect polarized light!’
    • ‘Intensive aquaculture of rainbow trout and other salmonids is a relatively new innovation, compared to the cultivation of most other animals.’
    • ‘Larger and deeper lakes, with oxygenated hypolimnions, will also have one or two larger salmonids, usually lake trout or landlocked Atlantic salmon, along with burbot and slimy sculpin.’


Mid 19th century: from modern Latin Salmonidae (plural), based on Latin salmo, salmon- ‘salmon’ + -id.