Definition of salmonberry in English:


nounPlural salmonberries

  • 1A North American bramble that bears pink fruit similar to raspberries.

    Genus Rubus, family Rosaceae: several species, in particular R. spectabilis

    • ‘Salmonberry is a deciduous upright shrub 6 to 12 feet (2 to 4 m) tall. It is usually found with one or more other deciduous shrub species, such as red elderberry, thimbleberry, twinberry, or cascara.’
    1. 1.1 The edible fruit of the salmonberry.
      • ‘The paler, often orange salmonberry, R. spectabilis, is named not because of its colour but because American Indians in the north-west often ate it with salmon roe.’
      • ‘Salmonberries are close relatives of the blackberry and raspberry and are often mistaken for cloudberries. The structure is more like the raspberry as it pulls away from its receptacle like the raspberry.’
      • ‘Salmonberries are a raspberry shaped fruit ranging in color from pale yellow to deep orange found across much of the Pacific Northwest.’