Definition of saleyard in English:



NZ, Australian
  • A place where livestock is sold.

    ‘the owner of the stolen cattle is suing the saleyard’
    • ‘The company treats its staff like so many cattle at the saleyards.’
    • ‘Record prices in the saleyards are being blamed on a lack of lambs after the drought.’
    • ‘Eastern states lamb buyers have landed in numbers in Western Australia, searching saleyards for stock to supply contracts.’
    • ‘There is a sheep and ram saleyard, open days for many things, shearing championships, and cattle shows.’
    • ‘The council proposed to transport livestock from the saleyards to the Mid West.’
    • ‘This track was built so that farmers could drive cattle to the saleyards further north.’
    • ‘The pigs were sold through a saleyard.’
    • ‘The stronger dollar makes cattle dearer in the saleyards.’
    • ‘Droving involved driving mobs of cattle or sheep long distances to fresh pastures or to market saleyards.’
    • ‘In fire destroyed the former saleyard complex in the town of Rantepao.’