Definition of salesmanship in English:



mass noun
  • The skills and methods used in selling or promoting commercial products.

    ‘you have to admire the slick salesmanship behind the marketing’
    ‘this aggressive salesmanship borders on harassment’
    • ‘He put his finger on our prime weakness: a gullibility to the wiles of salesmanship.’
    • ‘The conversation is a typical mix of subtle salesmanship and good humour.’
    • ‘A recruiter might learn new methods of salesmanship to sign up recruits.’
    • ‘Seeing the programme reminded me of the best bit of salesmanship I ever heard.’
    • ‘Persuading patients to dig into their own pockets is going to demand some intense salesmanship.’
    • ‘Politically, the idea is a potential disaster, which will take a lot of salesmanship and flowery prose to avert.’
    • ‘The capacity just to listen well to what people are telling you is an essential element of salesmanship.’
    • ‘Familiarising new products among consumers goes a long way in sharpening their across-the-counter salesmanship.’
    • ‘The more growers a group represented, the more bargaining power it had behind its salesmanship.’
    • ‘Today, the best software maintenance is part salesmanship.’