Definition of salesman in English:



  • A man whose job involves selling or promoting commercial products, either in a shop or visiting locations to get orders.

    ‘an insurance salesman’
    • ‘My job was to data entry product orders into the computer system, and listen to the salesmen on the phone so I could learn how to sell.’
    • ‘Deposit your cheque in one of these - and don't be conned into buying any financial products by dodgy salesmen and financial advisers!’
    • ‘Despite their sometimes unseemly reputation, car salesmen and saleswomen know how to sell.’
    • ‘Then I moved to Canberra and got a job as a salesman selling histories of surnames and coats of arms.’
    • ‘Most such meetings also feature commercial displays and eager salesmen pitching their company's products.’
    • ‘Somehow, it seemed that one of their salesmen was selling far more glass than any of the other members of the sales force.’
    • ‘Typically, the shares of the new megabank will be sold worldwide, allowing salesmen in every corner of the globe to get a cut.’
    • ‘There's no question that financial advisers have cleaned up their act in recent years, but there are still too many bad products and ruthless salesmen out there.’
    • ‘Many small business owners are also the finance director, the chief salesman and the dispatch clerk.’
    • ‘Insurance companies in particular train their salesmen to sell policies to friends and relatives.’
    • ‘Thus almost everyone with dependants has a potential need for life insurance, and thus there is a need for life-insurance salesmen.’
    • ‘A born loser, he worked long hours for little money as a salesman in a shoe shop.’
    • ‘The salesman then sold him what my pal thought was a term insurance policy, which only pays out on death and has no cash-in value.’
    sales assistant, shop assistant, retail assistant, salesperson, saleswoman, saleslady, salesgirl, server, checkout girl, checkout person, checkout operator
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