Definition of sales talk in English:

sales talk


mass noun
  • Persuasive talk to promote the sale of goods or the acceptance of an idea.

    ‘confounded by the producer 's sales talk, how can one tell the difference between ‘cheap and cheerful’ and ‘cheap and nasty’?’
    • ‘You've been to the trade shows, you heard the sales talk, but you always found a reason not to take the leap.’
    • ‘So too often what looks like genuine information turns out to be sales talk.’
    • ‘Throughout the coming weeks, when the general election campaign is full flow, the margins between sales talk and real politics are expected to become blurred.’
    • ‘Terms like ‘return on investment’ and ‘bottom line’ are now commonplace in sales talk.’
    • ‘The sales talk, however, should be separate from the information section.’


sales talk