Definition of salami slicing in English:

salami slicing


mass nounBritish
  • The process of gradually reducing the size of something by a series of small incremental steps.

    ‘several years of false economies from the salami slicing of budgets had created an underlying lack of confidence’
    as modifier ‘public services were sparely run anyway, so salami-slicing cuts were no longer viable’
    • ‘I don't trust the agenda or the intentions of the groups pushing either, and think they are both pursuing salami-slicing strategies that threaten fundamental liberties.’
    • ‘They may feel that by calling for an end to salami slicing and pressing for a role to be dropped, they will concentrate the public mind.’
    • ‘But most have been "salami slicing" - changes at the margins rather than changes in business practices.’
    • ‘Of 660 original papers screened, 147 were suspect: 20 were blatant cases of dual publication, 50 were nearly identical, and 77 fell into the "salami slicing" category.’
    • ‘Doing it in little pieces per transaction might then be akin to the "salami slicing" computer crime technique of stealing extremely small amounts from a large number of items.’
    • ‘To get the numbers required, we need to go well beyond our traditional "salami slicing" approach, look across our systems and reengineer and reorganize to meet the future looming before us.’
    • ‘Christine, Pete and I supported the full day because fringe meetings have been booked and salami-slicing could lead to further cuts, but others argued that there was little new policy to discuss, and delegates needed to leave at midday to get home.’
    • ‘Their grand strategy is, and always has been, salami-slicing.’
    • ‘He voiced worries that today's announcement would not be the last "salami slicing" of the post office network.’
    • ‘The Lib Dems said the proposals were the "same old failed approach to defence procurement" of "delays and salami slicing" especially at a time of economic uncertainty.’
    • ‘But the trust told Mr Thompson that he would have to either slash the hours of programming or impose smaller, across-the-board cuts known in the industry as "salami slicing".’
    • ‘India would then have to decide whether to extend this kind of salami-slicing to other sectors or to expand the scale of operations.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, we must be wary when senior military figures suggest that the army, or any of the other services, should drop one of its roles rather than face further salami slicing.’
    • ‘The case cannot be made if the price to be paid is the kind of salami slicing which meant it not just suffers but is seriously damaged."’
    • ‘The Defence Secretary has said that, instead of "salami-slicing", where pain is shared equally across the department, the cuts must be allocated strategically.’
    • ‘Back then, he claimed to have one overriding objective: to trim spending without resorting to salami-slicing.’
    • ‘Keep in mind - Eric and I would mildly to strongly disagree on where to stop the salami slicing if this were possible.’
    reduction, cut, decrease, retrenchment, trimming
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