Definition of salaciously in English:



  • See salacious

    • ‘He does not treat the matter salaciously: how Kennedy dealt with his poor health becomes evidence of his ‘strength of character’ - though even more striking is the deception practised by him and his entourage.’
    • ‘When the villainous Dr. Brinkman first encounters Ronica in her silver catsuit with cleavage on loan from Elvira, he comments salaciously, ‘No place to hide a gun in there.’’
    • ‘Al Green has taken what has become an all too familiar story of growing up dirt poor, without any financial or emotional support, and going on to become a superstar and made it salaciously entertaining.’
    • ‘Boyle is a superb writer, but what really makes this wise and smartly researched novel so entertaining is the salaciously wacky subject matter.’
    • ‘Each revolution makes the generic urban monuments look like they're licking their lips, perhaps hungrily or salaciously or threateningly, at you, the viewer.’