Definition of salaam in English:



  • A common greeting in many Arabic-speaking and Muslim countries.

    • ‘But the guy was so calm, I came closer to him and said: Salaam. How are you doing?! He looked at me with his eyes barely opened, smiled, and said in a very faint voice: Fine, Thank Allah for everything!’
    • ‘Salaam. How's everything? I wish you luck on your mid-year exams.’


  • 1A gesture of greeting or respect typically consisting of a low bow of the head and body with the hand or fingers touching the forehead:

    ‘he greeted me with salaams and repeated cries of welcome’
    • ‘The poem begins with the customary praise to God and then lists her sorrows and in the end she gives her salaam to everybody.’
    • ‘While gray hair and a wrinkled face will get you nothing in the West except a name card from a plastic surgeon or a discounted fare on the city bus, a wai, a salaam, or a bow from the young is always proffered with sincerity.’
    • ‘If you like coffee and you like ice cream, offer a deep salaam to the good people at Healthy Choice.’
    1. 1.1salaams Respectful compliments:
      ‘she had asked him to send me her salaams’
      • ‘Give my salaams to everyone there please? Inshallah we can come back soon. Maybe I'll be able to bring my wife next time.’
      • ‘O Jabir! Allah will keep you alive until his time and you will see him. O Jabir! When you meet him, convey my salaams to him.’


  • Make a salaam:

    ‘instead of salaaming he spat on the ground’
    • ‘I disagreed with him on a few issues, but I knew that he held those views out of conviction, not because his party required him to salaam before their chosen altars.’
    • ‘I salaamed to her and, grateful for the chance to catch my breath, eat and make a couple of half-time adjustments in the game plan, walked to my office.’
    • ‘A week later, bowing and salaaming to me as grateful patients often do, he was discharged with a smile almost as long as the well healed incision on his thigh.’
    • ‘As we drove into the qila's courtyard we saw a crowd of between twenty and 30 retainers massing to greet the rajah, all frantically bowing and salaaming; as Suleiman got out of the car the foremost ones dived to touch his feet.’
    • ‘When he had finished he used to pass the plate to me and I would transfer what was left over to my plate: in our tradition that was considered a great privilege and I would salaam profoundly as I did so.’
    incline the body, incline the head, make an obeisance, make a bow, nod, curtsy, drop a curtsy, bob, salaam, genuflect, bend the knee, kowtow
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Early 17th century: from Arabic (al-)salām (‘alaikum) peace (be upon you).