Definition of sakura in English:



  • 1(especially in Japan) a flowering cherry tree.

    ‘many schools plant sakura on their grounds’
    as modifier ‘sakura trees are blossoming all over the country’
    • ‘The annual rite of spring in Japan goes back hundreds of years and involves sitting under "sakura" trees and taking in the fluffy pink flowers.’
    • ‘They are traditional tea ceremonies, graceful geishas, and sakura branches’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, sakura feature heavily in Japanese art.’
    • ‘The two continue to walk down the sakura filled street.’
    • ‘The most popular site for picnicking under sakura is nearby.’
    • ‘The actual blooming cycle of the sakura only lasts one to two weeks.’
    • ‘It was at the cherry blossom viewing festival in my area, whilst strolling down a sakura lined path by the river, that I stumbled upon the most garish use of concrete to date.’
    • ‘The park is a main attraction in the neighbourhood with its free zoo, adventure playground, hiking trails and the annual bloom of the sakura trees.’
    • ‘I have been able to find a few sakura here and there.’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, it's difficult to perfectly forecast when the sakura will flower, but at this point cherry tree watchers are becoming more confident of their predictions.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Cherry blossom.
      ‘when the sakura is at its peak, businesses vary their trading hours to give staff the time to enjoy hanami’
      • ‘Along with the ephemeral sakura, springtime in Japan also means the arrival of particular seasonal foods.’
      • ‘The doll wore a white kimono with pink sakura blossoms embroidered on the sleeves and hem.’
      • ‘The sakura bloomed in the morning of this long, spring day.’
      • ‘One of the sakura petals from the garden floated down and rested itself on the sleeve of my kimono.’
      • ‘My brother tells me that during the hanami season, the sakura blossoms fall down like snow along this street.’
      • ‘In the weeks before and during the sakura season, the TV weather bulletins forecast and report on the sakura's progression across and up the country.’
      • ‘Last Friday I made a trip to Kyoto, when sakura were just about to bloom in full.’
      • ‘At night, a fluffy pink cloud of sakura can be seen floating above the lights of the lanterns in the park.’
      • ‘The sun was shining, the sakura were blooming, and about 20,000 people lay down in the grass around the castle moat and drank themselves silly.’
      • ‘The earliest recorded date for sakura to bloom in Tokyo was March 16, in 2002.’
      • ‘A former teacher of traditional Japanese flower arranging now living in Thailand had sakura flowers flown in from her homeland especially for the event.’