Definition of Saiva in English:



  • A member of one of the main branches of modern Hinduism, devoted to the worship of the god Shiva as the supreme being.

    Compare with Vaishnava
    • ‘My initiated devotees perform the Saiva âtmârtha pûjâ, but only in home shrines, not in temples.’
    • ‘I developed a strong desire to meet him and to take formal diksha, initiation, from him to deepen my knowledge of Saiva and Sakta worship.’
    • ‘The three-hour conference is especially significant because it honors sadhus of both the Saiva and Vaishnava akharas.’
    • ‘You have been tried and tested through years of training and challenges and proved yourself worthy to wear the kavi, the orange robes, and to fulfill the illustrious Saiva sannyasa dharma.’
    • ‘It is clearly stated by Saint Sundarar that Saiva Saints may be found in other lands and other times.’
    • ‘Whether you are Vaishnava or a Shaiva, everybody is very fond of Ganesha.’


From Sanskrit śaiva ‘sacred to Shiva’.